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 Ranch & Trail Horses for sale

Our Ranch & Trail horses are trained at the ranch for at least several month, sometimes years, to become safe and sane trail partners and ranch horses.
These horses are not trained with a sale in mind, but kept, cared for, loved, and used like our personal saddle horses. They are only offered for sale when we feel that they are ready to move on to a new home. Thus we don't sell more than two or three broke horses every year, and will keep in contact with the new owner to hear how the horse is doing in his new life.
Finished trail horses sell between $2000 and $5000. 
Prices for green horses (30+ rides) start around $1200.

Please contact per phone at 307-756-3907 or per e-mail with any questions you may have. 

Please find details about available or upcoming horses below

*** sold ***    Lady  -  2001 AQHA chestnut mare

*** listing for our neighbors *** 

This is a mare neighbors/friends of ours have for sale. These people are very (!) honest about their horses, please do not hesitate to give them a call!

This is a copy of their ad:

Lady is a 15-year old registered Quarter Horse mare (see photos for her papers). We have owned her since 2008. Shes a real ranch horse, trained by a neighbor, about 15 hands tall, likes people, easy to catch and trim or shoe.

Lady is all business, no buck, no spook, goes out alone, works all day. Great to work cattle and sheep on and has done plenty of roping as well both at brandings as well as in the pasture. Absolutely sound. Only vices (which were created by our guest business): a bit cinchy and sometimes pulls back when tied. And she has high withers.

Why we are selling her? We run a guest ranching business. Lady has a lot of go and we have only been able to put experienced riders on her. We are just not using her enough. And with the guest business growing we need more horses that most people can ride. We have had for 8 years she is a nice horse!

Lady is gentle but due to her spirit and speed, she is NOT a kid/beginner horse.

Asking $1500. Situated in Hulett, WY.

Call 307-467-5663 or e-mail

Here are some of the horses that SOLD just for reference.

We thank all buyers of our  horses and hope to hear how they are doing in their new homes - please keep the e-mails coming!

*** sold ***    Sheila  -  2004 Half Arabian gray mare
12 year old gray mare (born buckskin colored), sire AQHA (Watch Two Twelve), dam Arabian. Born and raised at the ranch. She's been on the back burner for a long time, and when we finally started riding her she's been cowboyed on quite a bit, making her a bit anxious. 
She's broke, knows how to travel in rough country, been behind cows (and watches them), and has roped a mechanical roping dummy. She has no buck, but she is very quick and would not be suitable for a novice rider.
I am using her this summer and I consider here a lot of fun to ride - don't let my honesty fool you, this is a good horse! And very pretty to boot.
sire Carlas Watch (Tyrees Watch)
Watch Two Twelve 
Peppy Two Twelve

Click here for more pictures of Sheila

Asking $1000   ***sold***

*** sold ***    Gus  -  2008 APHA overo buckskin gelding

*** listing for our neighbors *** 

This is a gelding neighbors/friends of ours have for sale. These people are very (!) honest about their horses, please do not hesitate to give them a call!

This is a copy of their ad:

Gus is an 8-year old registered Paint Horse gelding (see photos for his papers) with Ris Key Business in his bloodlines. Hes a Buckskin Paint with two blue eyes. Very sensitive and athletic. Super smooth gaits. About 15 hands, very friendly and easy to handle.

A friend who moved East sold him to us this last winter but we are running a guest ranching business and Gus is too much horse for the average rider. Hes got a lot of potential as a ranch horse or in the arena. Well built and sound, no vices we know of other than still being green. Needs an experienced rider who finishes him.

Asking $1000 obo. Situated in Hulett, WY.


*** sold ***    JR Vaquero Roan  -  2005 AQHA bay roan gelding
Very good looking roan ranch gelding, stands about 15 hand. Vaquero has been roped off, but I would not consider him finished, nor would I call him a great roping prospect. He is very well broke (neck reins, yields to leg pressure) and he is comfortable in rough country (steep rocky hills, water crossings, timber down fall). We bought him for our guest business where he turns out to be too fine for most of our riders. 
He is an in-your-pocket personality and on the lower end of the pecking order.
Trail mount for an advanced rider with light hands or ranch horse prospect.
sire Plenty Coup Hancock
Tarver Blue Hancock
Dee Reed Roan
JR Vaquero Roan
dam Mcarthurs Geno
Puttin In Overtime
Romar Trader Toy

Asking $3200  ***sold***

*** sold ***    Pina Colada  -  2009 bay mare
Pina Colada is an all around family horse. She'll go on trail rides or work cattle, kids can ride her in the corral, she has a super comfortable rocking chair galopp and is all togehter easy going, first one at the gate to greet you.

She is almost bombproof, she is safe enough for a beginner, but I have to admit that she once turned around and tried to walk back to the barn when I had a beginner on her. Kids in the arena can ride her without problems, maybe do not get her in a trott. We do not only use her for trail rides but also to work cattle, she walks off by herself just fine. 
The only bad thing I can say about her is that she is a bit difficult to bridle. She is good with her ears, but she does get her head up high when we put the bridle on.

Asking $2400  ***sold***

*** sold ***    Corona  -  2005 palomino mare
Corona has been used at the ranch, been roped off and worked cattle. She is very tall (true 16.2 hands) without being bulky. Very friendly disposition and easy to handle. Crosses natural obstacles like creeks, water, fallen timber and such, used to get up and down steep canyon sides. She is not a fast horse but will speed up for a stray yearling, will probably do better for trails than a full time ranch horse due to the fact that she will travel but is not really fast. Perfect family horse that can go to the neighbors and push some cattle, too.

Despite her impressive size she tends to be more on the bottom of the pecking order.
She was born and raised in the Badlands of South Dakota and is not registered.

Offering Corona for sale is not an easy decision for me, she is a very likeable horse willing to do anything that is asked out of her. But she is too tall for me to keep (I am 5' 5" and had too many injuries this year to get on easily).

Click here for more pictures of Corona

Asking $2400 ***sold***

*** sold ***  Classy Blue Fox  -  2005 bay roan AQHA gelding
"Viento" moved cattle on a ranch in rough terrain: canyons, fallen timber, creeks, mud, and rocky country. He is surefooted and will cross any obstacle found in ranching country. 
He has been roped off of and has drug calves at brandings.
He started on working cow horse maneuvers (tracking cattle, beginning
cutting, working cattle on fence) at a Pat Parelly clinic in summer 2010.
Viento is very fast and he does like to travel, so he may not be a good kid or beginner horse but gets a days work done at the ranch.
He has a calm disosition, though, and has pulled a plastic sled with a child on it while being ground driven.
He handles good on the ground, trims, loads, stands tied and is hobble broke.
He stands app 15 hands, 1200lbs, and is registered with AQHA; Zippo Pine Bar, Two Eyed Jack, Te N Te, Leo, and Three Bars bred.

Click here for more pictures and the pedigree of Viento

Asking $2000  ***sold***

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