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 Young Prospects for sale

Prospects aged one to seven years old, some halter trained, some with basic ground work, or lightly started under saddle. 

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name (some are links*) dam sire color sex born registry price status
Plenty Shiny Eyes Paddys Lena Two Eyes #7 Two Timin Shiner sorrel gelding
Frosty Lena Sandman* Dorkyfrostygoldens Plenty O Paddys Lena palomino gelding
Plenty Cowboy Shiner* Cowgurl Up Smartie Two Timin Shiner chestnut gelding  2016 AQHA
Plenty Taz Shiner* Taz The Thing #04 Two Timin Shiner sorrel filly  2016 AQHA
Plenty Shining Bella* Hickory Bella Doc #5 Two Timin Shiner bay filly
SC Two Eyed Lady SC Two Eyed Jacque Tivios Jess King buckskin mare
Chunkymunky #8 Miss Jazzy Pepalito Hickory Sun Olena sorrel mare
Diamond J Rosie* Diamond J Christy Rosie O Llama palomino gelding

 Plenty Shiny Eyes -  2017 AQHA sorrel gelding

More pictures available, please inquire. (11/2018)
"Diesel" is a mellow yet athletic gelding who knows all the basics in handling. He will mature about 14.2 hands and has the ability to go in any direction - trail, ranch, or arena. 
He is bred to work cows, his dam is is a young mare by our Paddys Irish Whiskey stallion who adds quite some size to his offspring, and out of a mare who is the last daughter of one of our best broodmares and foundation of the mare line in our breeding program.
His sire is by cutting horse legend One Time Pepto out of a Shining Spark daughter and himself extremly cowy yet unshown due to a pasture accident.
sire One Time Pepto (NCHA 256,243.94)
(Peptoboonsmal x Smart Little Lena daughter)
Two Timin Shiner 
Sue C Shiner (LTE: $22,850)
(Shining Spark x Zan Parr Bar daughter)
Plenty Shiny Eyes
May 28, 2017 dam Plenty O Paddys Lena
(Paddys Irish Whiskey x Peppy San Badger)
Paddys Lena Two Eyes
Plentyofit Two Eyes
(Plentyofit/Doc's Hickory)

Asking price $2000

  *** sold ***  Cowgurl Up Smartie's foal   -  2016 AQHA sorrel stallion
This colt is very athletic and quick, he already moves like a cutting horse. His dam is a very friendly, people loving mare, she is extremely athletic, sensitive and quick. This colt would be suitable for someone who appreciates a quick, cowy horse, or wants to go into cow horse competition.
sire One Time Pepto (NCHA 256,243.94)
Peptoboonsmal x Smart Little Lena daughter
Two Timin Shiner
Sue C Shiner (LTE: $22,850)
Shining Spark x Zan Parr Bar daughter
Plenty Cowboy Shiner 
May 15, 2016 dam Suns Cowboy (NCHA $3,701.64)
Mr Sun O Lena (NCHA $37,306) x Doc Olena
Cowgurl Up Smartie 
Miss Smart And Tari 
Tari Smart (NCHA $12,200) x Peppy San Badger daughter

Click here for more pictures of this colt

Asking price $2200 *** sold ***

*** sold ***  Taz The Thing's foal  -  2016 AQHA sorrel filly
Taz The Thing is thickly build mare with a great disposition. She is by Wild Thing DNA (Smart Little Lena x Autumn Boon, LTE $94,561, Offspring Earnings $472,390 in NCHA) out of a Pepto Taz daughter (Peptoboonsmal x Freckles Playboy daughter, LTE $132,224, Offspring Earnings $1,298,683 in NCHA).

Her first foal by Two Timin Shiner is a very correct put together filly with a lot of chrome.
sire One Time Pepto (NCHA 256,243.94)
(Peptoboonsmal x Smart Little Lena daughter)
Two Timin Shiner
Sue C Shiner (LTE: $22,850)
(Shining Spark x Zan Parr Bar daughter)
Plenty Taz Shiner
May 8, 2016 dam Wild Thing DNA (NCHA $94,561.45)
(Smart Little Lena x Dual Pep daughter)
Taz The Thing
Taz Ola (NCHA $8,949.29)
(Pepto Taz x Freckles Playboy daughter)

Click here for more pictures of this filly

Asking price $2000 *** sold ***

 *** sold ***  Hickory Bella Doc's foal -  2016 AQHA bay filly
Bella's foals inherit the big, stout build of her dam, and this is her first foal by Two Timin Shiner.
She has always produced tall, very shapy foals regardless which stallion we bred her to.
sire One Time Pepto (NCHA 256,243.94)
(Peptoboonsmal x Smart Little Lena daughter)
Two Timin Shiner
Sue C Shiner (LTE: $22,850)
(Shining Spark x Zan Parr Bar daughter)
Plenty Shining Bella
May 16, 2016 dam Plentyofit (NCHA earnings /w limited showing)
(Doc's Hickory x King Hankins daughter)
Hickory Bella Doc
Plaudies Asset
(Plaudie Docz Bar x Freckles Asset daughter)

Click here for more pictures of this filly

Asking price $1800 *** sold ***

 SC Two Eyed Lady  -  2014 AQHA buckskin filly
Pretty filly, will mature about 15 hands. She had about 30 rides on her, mostly outside on the ranch working cattle. 
sire Taylor Jess Tivio (Jessie Tivio)
Tivios Jess King
Back With Magic King
SC Two Eyed Lady
June 01, 2014 dam Watch Joe Again
SC Two Eyed Jacque
Lil Becky Playgirl



*** we'll have better pictures soon ***

Chunkymunky  -  2009 AQHA sorrel mare
This very thickly build mare has been started under saddle this year, been on a few cattle drives, roped the hot heels, had about 40 outside rides and is doing great.

See her full pedigree at
sire Mr Sun O Lena 
  x Doc Olena
Hickory Sun Olena
Miss Hickory Pava 
  x Doc's Hickory
May 15, 2009 dam Pepalito 
  x Peponita
Miss Jazzy Pepalito
Stormy Kid Charge 
  x Whiz Kid Charge

private treaty

   *****  recently sold horses  *****

*** sold ***  Frosty Lena Sandman -  2015 AQHA - palomino gelding 
Sandman was supposed to be a keeper, however, an injury keeps me from starting colts this spring, and he is too good to let him sit. 
He stands 15 hands (April 2017), will mature 16 hands. Very easy going, eager to please, all basics done including a couple of rides in the roundpen, ready to go on.
We usually welcome repeat buyers who train our youngsters and sell them; this horse, however, I'd like to see going to a forever home where I can keep track of him. 
sire Paddys Irish Whiskey
(Peppy San Badger/Doc's Starlight)
Plenty O Paddys Lena
Movin Easy Lena
(Doc O Dynamite)
Frosty Lena Sandman
April 25, 2015 dam Dorky Frosty Spark
(Frosty Feature)
Deltas Golden MS
(Chief Blue Duck x Sir Beat)
Click here for more pictures

Asking price $3000   *** sold ***

 *** sold ***  Diamond J Rosie -  2014 AQHA palomino gelding
2014 palomino gelding by Rosie O Llama (1999 Word Champion Cutting, $23,762 NCHA earnings), started under saddle with about ~30 days, been out and about on the ranch, easy going. Stands about 14.2 hands. Very nice put together horse with a beautiful head, friendly disposition, and the right breeding to get a job done at the ranch.
sire Freckles Playboy
Rosie O Llama
Doc O'Lena daughter
Diamond J Rosie
June 14, 2014 dam Diamond J Leo Doc
Diamond J Christy
Diamond J Nicki Two

Click here for more pictures

Asking price $2000  *** sold ***

  *** sold ***  Bubba's Peach -  2007 grade dun mare
This beautiful mare kept on falling through the cracks when it came to training - which is a shame. Her sire is our safest, smoothest riding guest horse, and her dam an extremely athletic, well minded cow horse. 
She was worked with as a 4 year old (ground work, saddling) for a few days and was receiving a refresher last year with a couple of days with a rider in the round pen. However, due to lack of continuous training we consider her halter broke only and she sells just as that.

See her pedigree at - she sells grade.
sire Docs Sabre Glo
MB Bubba Doc
Doc Cowy
Bubba's Peach
May 2007 dam Utopian Wix
Utopians Peach
Plaudit Wind
Click here for more pictures and information of Bubbas Peach

Asking $1000 (she sells grade, no registration papers)  ***sold***

  *** sold *** Thee Khalypso Gold -  2012 AHA sorrel sabino gelding
Tango is a beautiful and very typeful put together purebred Arabian gelding with a blond mane and tail and three high white legs. He is halter trained, picks up his feet, very friendly and easy going, very inquisitive with a lot of brains and not much spook in him. He stands about 14.3 hands as a 2 year old. See his full pedigree at - he sells registered with AHA.
sire Thee Desperado 
(The Ministril x Ruminaja Ali)
Cheroke Gold
SE Regional Halter top ten stallion
(Ruminaja Ali x Sheik Al Badi)
Thee Khalypso Gold
June 19, 2012 dam Khemo-Gibran
(Khemobasi x Amerigo)
Khalyope Rose
Kamaras Kestryl

Click here for more pictures of Tango

Asking price $1300 ***sold***


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