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 Reference Broodmares (retired)

Colored Horse Ranch presents the broodmares of two partnering outfits: the Lake Ranch in north east Wyoming with mostly ranch and foundation bred stock, and the Spring Creek Ranch in western South Dakota with working cow and cutting bred mares. In a symbiosis of these two outfits the F&L Cattle Company was born and added top of the market cutting and reining bloodlines to the broodmare band. 

No matter the background - the mares stay out on pasture year round, where they breed, give birth, and raise their foals.

As time allows we will list the mares here with references to their offspring. Please bear with us - ranch life keeps us busy away from the computer.

All mares are listed on for further information on extended pedigrees.

Reference mares (no longer with us or exposed to a stallion)
name (some are links*) sire sire of dam color born notes
Miss Smart And Tari Tari Smart Peppy San Badger chestnut 2000 deceased 2016
Amanda Madoc Docs Sabre Glo Jae Bar Madoc sorrel 1995 deceased 2017
Watch For Friday Jacks Firery Roan Poco Bueno Image bay 2001 deceased 2017
Plentofbarlady #14 Chief Blue Duck Bear N Trouble palomino 2000 deceased 2018
High Brow Susie High Brow Hickory Doc's Solano red dun 1999 deceased 2018
Dorkyfrostygoldens #6* Dorky Frosty Spark Chief Blue Duck buckskin 2006 deceased 2018
Bikini Gals SI (aka Si Olena)* SI Olena Doc O Glo sorrel 2005 sold
Colonels Dun Doc Snip Of Colonel Clarks Doc Bar dun 1992 deceased 2018
My Butterfinger* Peppy San Rey Rojo Poco Lenata San chestnut 2011 sold
Thepantherbehind #7* Hickory Sun Olena Jae Bar Wade sorrel 2010 sold
Tee Bar Jeep* Docs Sabre Glo Pine Delrio Hygro sorrel 1992 deceased 2019
Catalena Freckles* Catalena Dude PC Sun Socks bay 1999 deceased 2020
Plenty To Watch For #8* Dualin With Cows Jack Firery Roan bay 2014 sold
Plentyofit Miss Doc #2 Plentyofit  Doc's Juniper dun 2000 retired
Plentyofit Glo Docs #9* Plentyofit  Peppy Docsan brown 2007 retired
Della Sabre Glo* Docs Sabre Glo Docs Jack Frost sorrel 1994 retired
Plentyofit Two Eyes #1* Plentyofit Baron Jack brown 1997 retired
Queen Cat Hunt #9* Hickory Sun Olena Old Willy Cat sorrel 2008 sold
Besta War* War Rocket Go Besta Pickens chestnut 1997 retired
MS Lucky Lena* Gay Bar Lena Smokeys Gray sorrel 1996 retired
Dual One Time #H* Dual Pep Smart Little Lena chestnut 2006 saddle horse
Wild Nesterette Wild Haired Cat Smart Mate bay 2016 saddle horse
CD Seahorse* CD Olena Hes A Peptospoonful red roan 2011 saddle horse
Chunkymunky #8* Hickory Sun Olena Pepalito sorrel 2009 saddle horse
Tivio Cream Cooke N Cream Peppy Rey Cee buckskin 2008 saddle horse

While this table is current as of June 2021, the detailed listed mares below may need to be worked on, we would like to see each mare listed with her former offspring. If you are interested in the background or pictures of a certain mare, please do not hestitate to ask (e-mail or phone call), we might have a picture somewhere hidden away and sure have background information about each one of the mares. 

High Brow Susie by High Brow Hickory
CD Seahorse by CD Olena
Dual One Time by Dual Pep

Ame Go Red Glo  -  1998 AQHA chestnut mare 
Tempesta was lightly started under saddle as a 2year old and did very well, but we wanted to raise a foal rather than add to our saddle string.
Her thickness and stamina paired with the cowsense and quickness of our  stallion Dualin With Cows gave us beautiful, heavy muscled foals in 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015. She had a stunning stud colt by Two Timin Shiner in 2017 and left open for 2018 due to her age. We will be happy if we can get a foal out of her every other year.
sire Sputnick Goblin
MB Smart Smokey
Mia Mydoc
Ame Go Red Glo
dam Docs Sabre Glo
Tee Bar Jeep
Pines Cuppa Tea

Click here for pictures of her 2015 colt and Tempesta's former foals

Pictured here Tempesta and her 2013 filly.

 Tee Bar Jeep -  1992 AQHA sorrel mare   *** retired ***
Don't let her age fool you - this mare looks 10 years younger. She has produced outstandig saddle horses, and her cross with our bay stallion Dualin With Cows makes dreams come true. We consider her our best broodmare who throws stout, well build horses which perform great on the ranch and in the arena. Many of her daughters can be found in our broodmare band.
Tee Bar Jeep was started under saddle as a 10year old (!) when we bought her from a neighboring breeder, and used at the ranch for a full season before she joined the broodmare band again.

Jeep is no longer exposed to a stallion but enjoying retirement.
sire Doc Red Glo
Docs Sabre Glo
Poco Sabrette
Tee Bar Jeep
dam Pine Delrio Hygro
Pines Cuppa Tea
Jeeps Cuppa Tea

Click here for pictures of Jeep's foals until 2013

 Smokes Dinahlee -  2000 AQHA red roan mare
"Roxanne" is broke to ride and was used on the ranch before she joined the broodmare band. She was very easy to train, smart, quick and cowy. 
The combination of Roxanne with our Peppy San Badger and Freckles Playboy bred stud never failed to produce an outstanding foal. They are beauties with elegance, alertness and charisma, heavy muscled and fine heads. She produces just the same quality with our One Time Pepto son. 
Roxanne is homozygous for roan, thus her foals are never a big color surprise - they are roans.
sire Sputnick Goblin
MB Smart Smokey
Mia Mydoc
Smokes Dinahlee
dam Amego Tramp
Dinahs Little Echo
Twistin Dinah

Click here for pictures of Roxanne's foals until 2015

Pictured here Roxanne and her 2011 filly.

 Della Sabre Glo  -  1994 sorrel AQHA mare *** retired ***
Della is one of our ranch horses we used hard for many years. She is cowy and athletic, yet has a gentle enough disposition to use for kids chasing cattle around.
She doesn't look her age (23 years old) and has many years as a brood mare left to pass on her great work ethic. 
Paired with our heavily cutting bred stallions her babies are promising prospects for ranch and arena.
Della herself is a granddaughter of Docs Jack Frost, the sire of the great Sun Frost (who sired Frenchmans Guy). This makes her an interesting mare not only for the reined cowhorses but also speed events. 

Della is no longer exposed to a stallion but enjoying retirement.
sire Doc Red Glo
Docs Sabre Glo
Poco Sabrette
Della Sabre Glo
dam Docs Jack Frost
Docs Frosty Pepi
Coopers Pepi

My Butterfinger  -  2011 chestnut AQHA mare   *** sold ***
My Butterfinger aka Lyla, our new addition to the brood mare band. No decision made yet which stallion we breed her to. She is heavily foundation bred (>30% Mr San Peppy), very correct put together and stands almost 15.3 hands.
She comes from Kluz Perfomance Horses who breed and show mostly in reining. She was started under saddle but a broken coffin bone ended her show career.

5 panel tested N/N
sire Pobrecito Peppy
(Mr San Peppy)
Peppy San Rey Rojo
Miss San Rey
(El Rey Rojo x Mr San Peppy)
My Butterfinger
dam Poco Lenata San
(Rey De Peppy x Wyoming Doc)
CH Palloma Blanca 
CH Hubba Sue
(Rey De Peppy x Two Eyed Fox)


 Plentyofit Two Eyes -  1997 AQHA brown mare  *** retired ***
Plentyofit Two Eyes is a proven ranch prospects producing mare. Still on her papers are famous horses like Doc's Hickory and Baron Jack. She is out of one of the best brood mares the ranch ever owned, Thats Glos Lady, a producer of several outstanding cutting horses.

She is no longer exposed to a stallion but enjoying retirement, babysitting youngsters.
sire Doc's Hickory
Chickasha Annie
Plentyofit Two Eyes
dam Baron Jack
(Baron Bell x Two Eyed Jack daughter)
Thats Glos Lady
Cutters Glo


Plentyofit Miss Doc -  2000 AQHA dun mare
Not much to add to this looks and breeding. Coming from the best working cow and cutting lines in the industry, this mare has produced outstanding foals, some of them keepers for the ranch. 
She has not been very lucky with her foals lately, one year she lost her first foal by Two Timin Shiner due to a twin birth, last year her foal was born in a rain storm and almost drowned in a mud hole. Sadly it passed away when we were bringing it home.
sire Doc's Hickory (Doc Bar)
Chickasha Annie (King Hankins by King)
Plentyofit Miss Doc
dam Doc's Juniper (Doc Bar)
Shi Poco Doc
Poco Shilo (Poco Polo by Poco Bueno)

Pictured here Plentyofit Miss Doc with her 2013 filly

  Dorkyfrostygoldens -  AQHA buckskin mare   *** deceased ***
Dorkyfrostygoldens is by our own son of Frosty Feature who gives his offspring stamina, strong legs and quite some size. Paired with our Paddys Irish Whiskey stud, who stands himself well above 15.2 hands, we expect her foals to have the size to rope bulls but also the cow sense to sort pairs or rate a steer.

We kept her 2015 and 2016 stud colts for ourselves, our personal "pick of the litter" to make good saddle and ranch horses out of them.

Dorkyfrostygoldens sadly passed away in 2018.
sire Frosty Feature
Dorky Frosty Spark
Dorky Benito Bar
dam Chief Blue Duck (Sir Beat)
Deltas Golden MS
Delta Vanny Fly

Pictured here Dorkyfrostygoldens and her 2011 filly.

 Plenty To Watch For -  2014 bay AQHA mare
This mare was lighty started under saddle and proved herself as athletic and a quick thinker. She had a stunning stud colt by Metallic Mist in 2018 and is now expecting a foal by Plenty O Paddys Lena.

5 panel tested N/N
sire Dualin Gun 
(Dual Pep x Peppy San Badger)
Dualin With Cows
Mucha Monet
(Mucho Playboy x Freckles Playboy)
Plenty To Watch For
May 31, 2014 dam Jacks Firery Roan
(Zan Parr Jack)
Watch For Friday
Watch Friday More
(Poco Bueno Image)

Plentyofit Glo Docs  -   2007 AQHA brown mare
This mare, Plentyofit Glo Docs, is the offspring of one of the most successful crosses at the ranch. Her full brothers and sisters usually do not leave the ranch, they are very fast, quick, cowy and yet dependable with smooth gates. The foals sire is a proven son of Paddys Irish Whiskey who puts size, good disposition, heavy muscleing and cow into his babies.
sire Doc's Hickory
Chickasha Annie
Plentyofit Glo Docs
dam Peppy Docsan
(Peppy San)
Doc Cutters Glo
Thats Glos Lady 
(Baron Jack x Baron Bell)

Plentofbarlady -  2000 AQHA palomino mare   *** deceased ***
This mare, crossed with our Paddys Irish Whiskey son Plenty O Paddys Lena,  is outproducing herself every year.
Her 2006 stud colt was kept as a breeding stud.
Also her 2007 filly stayed at the ranch for breeding.
The 2009 filly was the tallest yearling at the ranch, 
her 2010 stud colt was the first one sold of his year .... and so on. My biggest regret was that I sold her 2015 daughter - couldn't get any better than her!

Plentofbarlady passed away in 2018.
sire Sir Beat
Chief Blue Duck
Thunder Sprite
dam Bear N Trouble
(Trouble Mike x Baron Bell daughter)
Sniffles Bar Lady
Bar L Sniffles

Pictured here Plentofbarlady with her 2013 filly.

Besta War -  1997 chestnut AQHA mare
Here is a bloodline we don't have very many of - barrel race through and through. Besta War had foals by Frenchmans Guy, and we are looking forward to see what she'll produce with Plenty O Paddys Lena.
sire Rocket Wrangler 
(LTE $252,167, sire of Dash For Cash)
War Rocket Go
Warquita (War Ace)
Besta War
dam Betsa Pickens
(by Raise Your Glass, sire of Special Effort)
Besta Zeke Jet
Zeke Jet (Handy Jet by Jet Deck)

MS Lucky Lena -  1996 sorrel AQHA mare
MS Lucky Lena's foals are always my personal favorites - beautiful, shortbacked prospects who often inherit her blond mane. I rode MS Lucky Lady at a cutting clinic and fell in love with her - her babys are the spitting images of her. 
sire Doc O'Lena
Gay Bar Lena
(NCHA $31,409.59)
Gay Deena Bars (Gay Bar King)
MS Lucky Lena
dam Smokeys Gray (Smokey Duster Too)
Smokin Kristy 
Docs Darlin Dolly (Doc Clabber)

Lena came up open in 2012, and she went back to work and was used for calving, branding and AI-ing that Spring. Then nobody wanted to miss her as a good using horse at the ranch and she was not exposed for a foal until we handbred her to Two Timin Shiner for a 2016 foal. She's raising foals since.

Pictured here MS Lucky Lena at a cutting clinic.

High Brow Susie -  1999 red dun AQHA mare   *** deceased ***
This mare carries the old cutting lines, not many left that can claim to have Doc Bar twice on their papers. 
Her sire, High Brow Hickory, has NCHA earnings of  $197,292 and is an Equi-Stat All-Time Leading Cutting Sire, siring the earners of over $4,000,000, High Brow Cat being one of his sons. 
Her dam is by Doc's Solano, also an Equi-Stat Cutting sire with offspring earnings of $3,488,995.

Sadly High Brow Susie and her 2018 foal by Metallic Mist passed away during birth.
sire Doc's Hickory (Doc Bar)
High Brow Hickory
(NCHA $197,292)
Grulla San (Leo San Hank)
High Brow Susie
dam Doc's Solano (Doc Bar)
Joe Snuggles (Joe Hank)

#bar H
Dual One Time - 2006 chestnut mare
This is a really soggy build mare with lots of bone.

Dually has produced two foals by HR Cat Olena, and we are curious what she will have with our Metallic Cat son.
sire Peppy San Badger
Dual Pep
Miss Dual Doc (Doc's Remedy)
Dual One Time
dam Smart Little Lena
Smart One Time
(LTE $33,400)
Times One (Son Of Sugar x Lean Times)

Thepantherbehind  -  2010 sorrel AQHA mare   *** sold ***
Young mare with a beautiful conformation. She Had a beautiful red roan filly by Two Timin SHiner in 2016, now bvred to Dualin With Cows for a 2017 foal.

5 panel tested N/N

See her full pedigree at
sire Mr Sun O Lena 
  x Doc Olena
Hickory Sun Olena
Miss Hickory Pava 
  x Doc's Hickory
May 07, 2010 dam Jae Bar Wade 
  x Doc's Jack Sprat
Miss Jazzy Pepalito
  x Pepalito

Chunkymunky  -  2009 sorrel AQHA mare
This young mare, the ranchers favorite out of several half siblings we aquired as brood mare prospects, never took when exposed to a stallion. She became a saddle horse instead.

Super friendly and build like a tank!

See her full pedigree at
sire Mr Sun O Lena 
  x Doc Olena
Hickory Sun Olena
Miss Hickory Pava 
  x Doc's Hickory
May 15, 2009 dam Pepalito 
  x Peponita
Miss Jazzy Pepalito
Stormy Kid Charge 
  x Whiz Kid Charge

Queen Cat Hunt  -  2008 sorrel AQHA mare   *** sold ***
Young broodmare, stout build.
She is a full sister to the 2010 filly Classy Catolena. 

Queen Cat Hunt produces very mellow minded, easy going yet athletic foals no matter which stallion she is exposed to. She is expecting a palomino or buckskin foal in 2020 by Smart Shiny N Rugged.

5 panel tested N/N

See her full pedigree at
sire Mr Sun O Lena x Doc Olena
Hickory Sun Olena
Miss Hickory Pava x Doc's Hickory
Queen Cat Hunt
June 27, 2008 dam Old Willy Cat x Willy Go Thru
June Cat Cricket
Sams Cricket x Tonto Nance

Bikini Gals SI -  2005 sorrel AQHA mare   *** sold ***
Do not let the silly name fool you. This is a mare we used for a few years at the ranch, the go-to horse for ambitious cowboys and sorters the same as the more novice riders enjoying a well broke horse to work cattle. 
Crossed with our very cowy, athletic, yet mellow stallion Two Timin Shiner the foal should be able to head in any direction one chooses.

Bikini Gals SI found a new family home in October 2018.
sire Doc O'Lena
SI Olena 
(NCHA $73,088.19)
Rey Jey daughter
Bikini Gals SI
dam Doc O Glo
Glos Bikini Gal
(NCHA $45,872.50)
Nug's Reed Bar daughter


CD Seahorse -  2011 red roan AQHA mare
A new addition to our brood mare band, this 2011 red roan filly came from Texas after finishing her cutting training - to go straight out on pasture. Yes, what a waste, but we don't show horses ourselves. 
This very soggy build young mare with a super friendly disposition is bred to the hilt and had a roan stud colt by Two Timin Shiner in 2017.

5 panel tested N/N
sire Doc O'Lena (NCHA 21,991.93)
CD Olena
(NCHA 170,706.42)
CD Chica San Badger (NCHA 204,773.28)
(Peppy San Badger x Otoe daughter)
CD Seahorse
dam Hes A Peptospoonful (NCHA 72,850.89) 
(Peptoboonsmal x Miss Smarty Rey NCHA 40,997)
Spoonful Of Seahorse 
(NCHA 85,477.28)
Playing My Style 
(Docs Stylish Oak x Freckles Playboy daughter)



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